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Drying Rack

  • Silk Screen Finished Drying Rack
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    Silk Screen Finished Drying Rack

    Application Suitable for drying prints, paintings, metal name plates or other flat substrates. Feature 1) Easy operation and space saving; 2) Accessories are made of high tension iron or stainless steel; 3) Shelves are not apt to be...
  • Silk Screen Oven
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    Silk Screen Oven

    Application scope Circuit Board, plastic, PCB, Ceramic color paper, Metal nameplate ,and other product's roast. Features 1. Stainless material prevents internal corrosion and allows long durability. 2.PID temperature control allows...
  • Screen Printing Flash Dryer
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    Screen Printing Flash Dryer

    Application: This semi auto drying machine for t-shirt screen printing is used to dry T-shirt ,and other cloth or fabric product. Feature: 1. Adopt infrared medium wave lamp tubes: fast start-up, strong penetration, drying speed is...
  • Cylinder Flame Treatment Machine
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    Cylinder Flame Treatment Machine

    Application: Mainly used for the flame treatment on the surface of the PP and PE plastic products, the plastic products after treatment by this machine, when printing, the printing ink can be more firmly attached to the printing items....
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