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The Process Of Printing Machine

Since its inception, especially after entering the domestic market, the printing machine technology has been paid more and more attention by more and more enterprises because of its obvious advantages. It is combined with screen printing technology to jointly open up a new situation in the printing market. From the traditional labor-intensive, gradually to technology-intensive progress. This is a trend adapted to the development of the world.

At present, the printing machine transfer process is also constantly improving and improving. Ink is essential for printing technology. Nowadays, the appearance of closed ink can be said to be a new development of printing machine printing technology. First of all, it is energy-saving, environmental protection, because it saves the amount of ink, at the same time workers also enjoy a more hygienic and comfortable environment. Secondly, it also saves time and effort, due to the long-term stable viscosity of the ink, so that it eliminates the trouble of cleaning ink cartridges after printing, scraping ink knives. In addition, in the mass production operation, the use of closed ink is more suitable.

It takes into account more factors in the use of staff, resulting in further improvements in productivity and quality. At present, the printing process is also moving towards the area of renewal. In order to put into production more effectively, printing technology is gradually completing online production, the printing machine and the entire production and operation of organic combination, the formation of a complete and unified link. At present, printing technology is gradually moving towards the automation of printing, high-precision systems not only through the quality of printing, that is, precision, but also to meet the needs of mass production. In addition, printing technology is gradually and production environment, product consumption and maintenance, such as the formation of a complete part.

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