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Advantages Of Hot Melt Adhesive Coating Machine

Because the process has: do not need drying equipment, low energy consumption: do not contain solvents (hot melt glue for 100% solid components) pollution-free, operating workers will not be exposed to a large number of formaldehyde due to cleaning residual glue.

Compared with the traditional solvent-based and water-soluble adhesives, the professional manufacture of hot melt Adhesive coating machine coating process has an enviable advantage, effectively solve the traditional technology inherent in the shortcomings, is the coating composite industry to upgrade the ideal production tools. Solvent-based and aqueous binder curing requires an oven (or may need to be refurbished to the existing oven) and takes up more plant space while increasing plant energy consumption; more wastewater and sludge will be produced; production and operation requirements are more stringent; and the disadvantages of solvent glue are obvious, that is, very environmentally friendly (most of the solvents are harmful). Solvent-based adhesive pollution of the environment is very serious, with the improvement of people's environmental awareness and the establishment and improvement of relevant laws, the application of solvent-based adhesive is declining at a certain rate every year. Water type glue has the disadvantages of poor water resistance, poor electrical characteristics, long drying time and large energy consumption, and its application is also decreasing at a certain rate every year.

Hot Melt Adhesive has the advantages of stable performance, high utilization rate of raw materials, fast production speed, high finished product rate, small equipment footprint and small investment, and has a tendency to gradually replace solvent-based glue.

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