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Types of screen printing machines

Screen printing according to its layout, printing machine varieties, ink properties and substrate types are divided into many kinds, but the printing method can be divided into the following categories.

1. Flat mesh screen Printing: Flat mesh screen printer is the use of planar screen version in the plane substrate printing method, printing, printing plate fixed, scraping ink version of the move. 

2. Flat Mesh surface screen printing: flat mesh surface screen printing is a planar screen printing plate in the surface substrate (such as balls, cylinders, cylinders, etc.) on the printing method.

When printing, the scraper is fixed, the printing plate moves along the horizontal direction, and the substrate rotates with the printing plate.

3. Round screen Printing: Circular screen printing is the cylinder screen version, the cylinder is equipped with a fixed scraping ink plate, cylinder printing plate and substrate synchronization for the same line speed movement printing method. 

4. Indirect screen Printing: The first 3 methods are printed directly on the substrate printing, but can only print some of the rules of the geometric form, such as plane, cylindrical surface, cone surface, etc., for complex shape, with angular angle and sunken surface and other special-shaped objects, it must be printed by indirect screen printing, Its process is often composed of two parts: Planar screen printing and transfer printing, that is, screen printing images are not directly printed on the substrate, but first printed on the plane material, and then a certain method of transfer to the substrate. One of the methods of indirect printing, such as the first use of planar screen printing method on the flat glass printed image, and then with elastic silicone head, like a seal from the glass plate to absorb ink images, and then moved to the special surface: indirect screen printing of another type of method is flower paper transfer, such as: Screen printing paper + thermal transfer, screen printing flower paper + Pressure-sensitive transfer printing, screen printing flower paper + solvent activation transfer printing. Indirect screen printing has become a major area of the printing industry.

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