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Main mechanism of screen printing machine

Transmission device: motor, electromagnetic clutch, reducer, speed regulation mechanism.

Printing plate device: screen printing plate in the screen printing machine must be fixed on the printing plate device, in the printing process, to achieve the opening of the book type Landing or horizontal rise and fall.

The main are: printing plate gripper, printing plate landing mechanism, to the version of the adjustment mechanism, lift the network compensation mechanism.

Printing device: scraping ink and back ink is the main action to achieve screen printing, scraping ink system and back ink system, usually installed on the scraper slider, in the reciprocating movement, so that the scraper and back ink plate for alternating ups and downs, respectively, to achieve scraping ink and back ink action.

①The realization of  printing reciprocating stroke generally adopts the following mechanism: Crank linkage mechanism, crank slider mechanism, chain sprocket mechanism, cylindrical plug magnetic cylinder.

② Guide mechanism generally adopts the following form: Roller Groove Rail, double guide shaft, guide shaft plus slider.

③ scraping, back-ink plate transposition mechanism is often used in the following form:

Step Groove lifting collision block plus lever transposition mechanism, cam lifting mechanism plus lever transposition mechanism, two cylinders reverse action or single cylinder plus lever mechanism, cam-swing rod mechanism pull steel wire plus lever mechanism, chain hanging point change so that the two plate pendulum step position, with a scraper instead of two scraper, the need for a jump ink action, ink hopping action by a specific mechanism to complete.

The supporting device is the printing platform: it is used to secure the substrate.

①The should have an printing positioning device.

②The height and horizontal adjustment device of the  platform.

To the version of the Organization: to the version of the platform position movement, generally by the mechanical thread spin to achieve, and should have a reliable locking device and shift guidance (Swallowtail groove or guide key, etc.).

Drying device: Infrared electric heat pipe hot air drying or UV curing drying device. Electrical control device: Work cycle control, scraper position control, air pressure control.

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