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How much is the cost of printing a T-shirt printing machine?

How much is the cost of printing a shirt printing machine? The light-colored fabric A4 has a full size of about 4 hairs, and the dark fabric A4 has a size of about 5 yuan. Of course, this is only a rough idea, and it is also related to the setting of the inkjet amount of the T-shirt printing machine.

T-shirt printing machine printing a piece of clothes how much money, this is a problem that all customers are very concerned about, after all, the cost of printing determines the level of profit and the competitiveness of the product, the customer does not figure out the problem, will cause a series of problems later .

A: What? Other people's machines print a dark fabric of clothes as long as 2 yuan, you actually want 5 yuan? A certain family said that printing a piece of clothing only a few cents? How is the gap so big?

B: Is the cost of printing a piece of clothing not a few cents? How is the cost of printing your machine so high? I was blinded by you.

I often hear customers say this, I mean very innocent.

So what is the cost of printing a piece of clothing on a T-shirt printing machine?

Let's first talk about the printing cost of dark fabrics. Printing dark fabrics requires white ink. The domestic white ink is easy to block the nozzle on the T-shirt printing machine. It is not white enough and the fluency is not good. So DuPont can only be selected at present. One family, because of the monopoly, you know, the price is very expensive, print a piece of clothing A4 full size, the cost of white ink is at least 5 yuan, plus color ink, anyway, print a dark fabric The cost is not as low as 5 yuan. To say that printing a piece of clothing for 2 yuan is nothing more than trying to exaggerate the operating profit and quickly make a deal.

Let's talk about the printing cost of light-colored fabrics. Printing light-colored fabrics does not require white ink to make a base. Just color ink can be used. In recent years, a number of excellent textile color ink manufacturers have emerged in China. Color ink and imported textile color ink are not inferior in color fastness, vividness and fluency of color, and the price is much cheaper than imported color ink, so the cost of printing a light-colored T-shirt on T-shirt printing machine It really only costs a few cents.

Of course, these are just a rough idea. Some fabrics are not densely textured. You may need to play white ink twice, or some want more rich effects, increase the amount of ink, or want a more elegant effect. In this case, the printing cost is also floating, so the printing cost of the T-shirt printing machine is multi-faceted, but mainly the price of white ink and color ink.

In addition to these, there are costs such as the loss of the nozzle.



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